IT security must continually be revisited

Data Security Now Requires Consistent, Vigilant Monitoring and Maintenance 

With all of the various threats to your company’s data and factoring in the impact of exploited network or system vulnerabilities, you simply don’t
have the time to do what it takes to keep your business secure.

If you don’t have someone constantly and actively monitoring your network, you may not detect any issues until it’s too late. What if you didn’t know you were hit with ransomware until after the ransom payment window closed, and you couldn’t access any of your files?

The average time to detect malware or criminal
attack is 170 days (Heimdal Security).

Examples of time-consuming, but necessary cybersecurity tasks you can offload include:
Reviewing firewall rules
Updating your firewall
Patching the latest vulnerabilities discovered
Maintaining required controls and standard certifications, such as: ISO, SSAE16, HIPAA, SOX, etc.
Filtering web content
Updating software

Download our CyberSecurity Checklist to see where your company currently stands.

If you have questions about keeping up with your company’s security – whether it’s in-house or outsourced – contact us today. We’ll be glad to begin the conversation with you!

December 9th: electronic recycling drive

Looking to purge before the holidays?! There’s no better way than to collect your old electronics pieces, parts, and paraphernalia and bring it to us for safe recycling.

Below is the flyer for our bi-annual event – set for Saturday, December 9th from 10am to 2pm. Let’s see if we can beat May’s total weigh-in of 2,910 pounds of electronics!


Don’t Risk Your Reputation

Besides the cost and lost productivity that we’ve mentioned in past blog posts, there’s a less obvious consequence from cyber-attacks… your company’s reputation. You’ve probably worked for years to build a solid image and reputable brand. And even though it may not show up on a balance sheet, it’s a key component to your success.

Here are a few ways in which a company’s reputation is affected by a cyber-crime:

  • Current customers lose confidence in your ability to mitigate another breach and may begin to question their loyalty to your business.
  • Potential customers may immediately rule you out as a partner.
  • Employees question the management or leadership’s competence if the situation isn’t handled quickly and efficiently; frustrations mount the longer they’re ‘left in the dark’ and work doesn’t get back to normal.
  • Vendors may seek other partners, wondering if (or when) it will happen again.
  • Competitors notice the weakness and capitalize on the competitive advantage they now have.

And don’t be fooled into thinking that cyber criminals will overlook you because you’re a start-up or located in a rural area or part of lesser-known industry. If you have data – and every business does – you’re a target for them.

If you have questions about your company’s security, contact us today. We’ll be glad to begin the conversation with you!

Cyber security – more facts!

Small and medium-sized businesses are a prime target for attackers because they tend to be easier targets. They’re often less secure and unprepared for attack. (Think about burglars that go after houses where they know no one is home – it’s a similar concept!)

Besides the facts we shared last week, here are a few more facts about cyber crimes and their impact on small and medium-sized businesses:

  • Did you know that 79 percent of small businesses do not have an incident response plan? Without one, you may never be able to fully recover when a security incident becomes a reality. (Nationwide Cyber Security Survey)
  • An IBM and Poneman Institute study found that the estimated global average cost of a data breach was a staggering $3.62 million. (Cost of Data Breach Study)
  • Similarly, 60 percent of companies that lose their data due to an attack or disaster will shut down within six months. (Boston Computing Network)

This information is intended to help make an informed decision about what cyber-security solution is right for your business. Investing in an outsourced cyber-security solution to protect against the expanding threat landscape can help mitigate damages inflicted upon your business. When you’re ready to get serious about IT security, keep our team in mind – we’re here to help!