Should your email live in the cloud?

Tech Talk with Jim Mayne, Business Technology Officer for Deerwood Technologies

One-time costs for in-house servers and network infrastructure can add up quickly. Also, every time you have to upgrade, switch or add users to your email system, it’s useful to examine your fully loaded costs and consider alternatives. A recent Forrester report had this Bottom Line: Cloud-based email makes sense for companies or divisions as large as 15,000 users. And every company can benefit from occasional users or email filtering to a cloud-based provider. Many firms underestimate Email’s full cost. The benefits of hosted delivery go far beyond only cost. By segmenting your workforce, you can more easily determine the needs and requirements of different constituencies. Deerwood Technologies’ experts can help you calculate your fully loaded on-Premise email costs. Then we can assist you in comparing against Cloud-based alternatives. Contact us today! We can help you tackle the Big Buckets of email cost.

IT – What is it?


Does IT seem like a foreign world to you? Not ‘IT’ as in the word ‘it’ BUT ‘IT’ as in ‘Information Technology’. You may know that department in your company more as the computer geeks of the work place. BUT what is ‘IT’?  I took a brief survey of some co-workers and here are a few response

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Information Technology is the lifeblood of almost every business today. Whether IT is used to help with your business process automation or to enhance your scientific and data research, most businesses can’t run without it. Although Information Technology is a vague term that has an unknown breadth, we can still often narrow it down to using electronic devices to better utilize systems, methods, tools and techniques. To me, the most important IT is the marriage of Science, Technology and the human mind. By combining these three amazing tools we have made our greatest advancements.

Storing information, protecting information, processing the information, transmitting the information as necessary, and later retrieving information  as necessary.

And according to one official definition is
                “The development, installation, and implementation of computer systems and applications.”

So if you are confused as to what IT really is – don’t worry – you’re not alone. BUT at Deerwood Technologies we can help clarify your IT needs and manage them for you.